Online crowdfunding campaigns receive all the marketing they require online, but sometimes specialized events can also boost their impact in the crowd’s minds. Crowdfunding India makes a list of such event ideas which can be great for your fundraising campaign.

A pre-launch party

Your pre-launch party will be one of the most  crucial event to initiate the crowdfunding campaign and will affect the decisions of the donors. It doesn’t have to be an expensive event. Most restaurants or bars will give you discounted prices on food and drinks, if you can round up a large group of people. Crowdfunding India says that this event will mark the initiation of your campaign and will bring you your first pool of donors.

Walkathons or Marathons

Walkathons or Marathons are perfect for active supporters of campaigns with high impact so that the backers can show their passion for a cause. Walkathons are better for healthcare-related campaigns, but they can technically be used for any type of fundraising!

Crowdfunding India advises you arrange for some merchandise like t-shirts or water bottles especially designed for the event which you can sell for some extra donation.

A cultural program

Dance shows or music shows have been used as a fundraising tool for ages, but Crowdfunding India points out that the same can be done with online crowdfunding where an event will publicize your online crowdfunding campaign.

Serve-a-thon Event

A Serve-a-thon fundraiser is perfect if you are campaigning for environmental causes. Pick a day to clean a stretch of area, provide new dustbins, take care of the waste management etc.

A sports day

Sports events are tried and tested fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations. A fun leisurely sports day is a great way to get to know some of the donors and backers in your community and ask for their support for your charity or cause. Crowdfunding India says that once the competitions are over, you can come forward and say a few words on the online crowdfunding campaign which is the onus of the event.

Pet Party

A pet party is a great way to create a stir in the minds of the donors. It is an elegant and as you want. It could be a fancy gala-type event where pets and humans alike get all dressed up, or it could be a pet show.

Crowdfunding India says that you can promote your campaign further by making themed snacks and souvenirs.

Online party

Since it is an online crowdfunding campaign, you can arrange for a online party, where people can join from all around the world. Select a time slot and arrange for an online party in any social media platform which your donors can access. Donors will meet each other, you can give a message regarding the crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding India says it is a great way to reinstate the idea of the campaign in people’s minds.

Balloon or lantern releases

Balloon or lantern releases is a great way to raise money for your cause. Invite your friends and family to let them know about your campaign and its agenda. Balloons and paper lanterns are cheap and you can write messages on them. Crowdfunding India says that it is a great way to promote your campaign, because it is an elegant event and will bring people together.

An Used Book Sale

Ask people to donate their used books and contribute your own too and hold a sale. This will give you some extra cash and will send out a positive message. Crowdfunding India says that you can also sell your used textbooks, back to your college or university bookstore or to students who will need them for classes. Or you can pick a date and set up aa book sale event!

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