Enjoy your special day without a debt hangover.

Whether you believe that your wedding day will be the best day of your life – or you’re just hoping for an awesome party to remember – it’s always a good idea to have a financial plan. Weddings can be seriously costly and it’s very easy to go over budget and find you need to borrow money to cover the cost. If you’re planning to get wed in the future, near or far, then there are some very good reasons to think about saving up for the big day first.

Avoid the debt hangover

Around a third of couples end up in debt when paying for their wedding. It’s not a great feeling to wake up on your honeymoon and realise that you’ve got a five figure bill to clear now all of the celebrations are over; even if you just have small doorstep cash loans you could really do without them at the start of married life. If you really want to get the most enjoyment from your wedding day then it’s much easier to do if you don’t have debts hanging over you.

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Saving is simple once you get the hang of it

Start with the budget that you think you’ll need for your wedding day. Cost up your venue, outfits, flowers, celebrant, food, drink and transport, as well as the rings, decorations and entertainment. Break down the total into smaller chunks and see what monthly total that gives you over one year or two. You might find that you barely notice putting cash aside for your wedding if you do it on a monthly basis- and it could give you a better budget to work with.

Money problems cause couples to fight

In fact, fighting about money is one of the main reasons that couples tend to split. Don’t run into problems before you’ve even got down the aisle by giving yourself a huge debt burden to shoulder when you’re getting married. A sensible savings plan that means you can pay for everything up front, as opposed to months or years after the event, will help to keep stress levels much lower.

If you save, you’re likely to make better choices

When you’ve saved every penny of your wedding fund you’re far less likely to waste any of it. So, when it comes to getting the best possible wedding for the cash that you have, saving up in advance has a part to play in what you achieve. From finding the bridal dress at the best possible price, to negotiating deals on the flowers and finding creative and cost effective solutions to food or transport, you’re much more likely to be resourceful if you know how much effort it took to get that cash together in the first place.

You’re starting off married life well

Couples who save together, stay together. There’s no doubt that aligning your financial habits with those of your other half is one of the fastest ways to ensure that you’re on the same page throughout your married life together. If you’re both saving for your wedding then you’ll learn how to work as a team. And, who knows, you might even save more than you need and have enough for a wonderful honeymoon too.

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