Wilding Wallbeds is truly the premier design group, merchandiser, and builder for the Murphy Bed market. Murphy Beds have captivated Americans since the early days of American film when we fell in love with Charlie Chaplin and his “supporting actor”, the lowly Murphy Bed, in the film, “One A.M.”. Murphy Beds advanced in function and quality right along with the movies. Wilding Wallbeds offers the latest and best technology, style and comfort to people shopping for a Murphy Bed no matter what their reason is. Of course, by far, the paramount reason most people shop for a Murphy Bed is to save space. And Wilding Wallbeds has the best and most attractive ways to save that space.

A trend has been developing the last few years: more and more people are making the move back into major cities across the United States and not just the single folks. Families are making the switch from suburban living to city dwellers and finding it exciting to be where they can live and work without long commutes. The extra time does come with a cost: a lot less space. Living space has become crowded in most big cities with many people embracing the ideas of micro-housing. Murphy Beds are your best option when you are squeezing more living space into small quarters.

With a Wilding Wallbed, one small room can literally become a dining room, a guest room, an office or your personal bedroom. All at the same time in the same room! Sound like magic? Visit us in one our tricked-out showrooms and we can show you some real magic when it comes to what you can do with a small space. If you live anywhere in southern California, you visit one of our showrooms as we are in El Segundo, Chino Hills, and San Diego. In southern Utah, our flagship showroom in St. George makes it possible for anyone in Utah, people in most parts of Nevada and Arizona, to visit us in person in just a few hours.  We promise, the drive will be worth it.

Choose The Murphy Bed Perfect For You

The Remington is decidedly one of our most popular Murphy Bed styles. Our customer feedback over the years showed us that certain design and function features seem to stand out and we took that feedback and the Remington Murphy Bed was born. This bed is a combination of classical styles with a modern twist for a truly ageless piece of fine furniture to last you a lifetime. It comes in all traditional bed sizes from twin to king, and is described as “perfection in a bed”. This bed looks wonderful as a unique piece of design in any room.

To get more use out of just one room, we offer different designs and styles. For example, a bedroom shared by children can easily become their playroom, art room or library as, during the day, their Murphy bunk beds can effortlessly be folded up into a small 17 inch space, freeing up the entire room for other activities than sleeping. At night, the fold down is equally effortless. For home office use, we have several desk styles that actually become beds at night. Whether you need them for an occasional guest or your office really is your bedroom, our beds are comfortable and reliable with easy mechanisms and are a joy to use.

For the truly discriminating customer, our Power Beds are the ultimate in ease and luxury. One push of a button transforms a formal bookcase or beautiful entertainment center to a luxurious bed. The same push of a button makes the bed disappear the next morning. Magical. This bed offers a solution to maximize space without sacrificing beautiful decor.

Wilding Wallbeds also offers Murphy Bed type solutions to a variety of business needs. An example of this is our professional office units for sleep clinics, doctors offices, hospitals, firehouses, and many other settings. In a surprisingly small amount of space, you can have a twin, full or queen size Murphy Bed, a full size adjustable exam table, a computer workstation and a closet with drawers for overnight clients. Visit one of Wilding Wallbeds showrooms to actually see and discover for yourself just how life-changing a great Murphy Bed can be.

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