Students who choose a career path in either social work or human services are usually motivated by the desire to improve the lives of the less fortunate in the society. However, most people tend to ask themselves what is human services major and how does it differ from social work?

Although both of them work in similar environments such as health clinics, hospitals, social work agencies, and other health agencies from the community to the state levels, there are differences between these two disciplines. If you recently graduated from high school and look forward to enrolling in one of these fields, read on to discover what each field entails.

Human Sciences and Social Work at a Glance

Most of the people who pursue human sciences end up working as child and family case managers at various social service agencies or hospitals. These professionals may also work as psychotherapists, psychologists, licensed social workers, marriage and family therapists and residential managers at different social service agencies depending on the level of their degree. To earn a degree in human services, you will need to enroll in an undergraduate program in human services at a recognized university.

Social workers, on the other hand, offer personal, financial, physical assistance and mental health assistance to the disabled and disadvantaged members of the society. These professionals can help individuals in the community who are struggling with drug addiction, unhealthy relationships, and domestic abuse regain control over their lives. To practice as a social worker, you need to enroll for an undergraduate degree in social work at a recognized university.

What is the Difference between the Two Disciplines?

Although both majors are essential to the social services world, they tend to serve the needs of people in the society in different ways. So, what is human services major? The human services professional primarily focuses on the bigger picture.

For instance, these experts will help in planning special programs that will unique needs of a specific population. They also work in administrative roles ensuring that things run smoothly within a particular social services agency. They offer direction and guidance to the people who work with them.

However, social workers will mostly work directly with the clients in implementing the social programs. The social worker will connect with the clients and assess their needs and provide appropriate guidance.

If you are interested in working as an administrator in the social services world, then a human services major is the right degree for you. Your work will involve planning, supervising, and researching. If your passion is to work directly with the disabled and disadvantaged people in the community on a day-to-day basis, then a social work major is the best fit for you. The critical thing is that both majors are important in helping the needy and promoting social good in our societies.

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