The roads are a dangerous place, especially in bigger cities like Orlando. The most recently released statistics on traffic accidents, including injuries and fatalities, reveals that we’re more likely than ever before to be involved in a serious car wreck. While it may help to take a look at these alarming figures, being better prepared will also take a greater understanding of the driver’s responsibilities under Florida state law.

Traffic Accidents Inflict Extreme Damages, Injuries, and Deaths

The Association for Safe International Road Travel released the results of their most recent studies and found that there is an alarming number of deaths on highways worldwide. In all, there are 1.3 million deaths as a result of traffic accidents per year. Boiling that down to a more manageable number, that means there are 3,287 traffic fatalities every day.

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On top of those deaths, 20 to 50 million people are seriously injured or permanently disabled by traffic crashes each day. Over half of these accidents involve drivers aged 15-44, making car crashes the leading cause of deaths among young people across the globe. Overall, car wrecks represent the ninth leading cause of death in the world and claim 2.2{92cb7a1db6971ea98d82b6f9ad7b1b839d9be98a9980b547e8d7b255bb84f596} of all deaths every year.

Ironically, low and middle-income countries, where there are fewer cars on the roads, account for nearly 90{92cb7a1db6971ea98d82b6f9ad7b1b839d9be98a9980b547e8d7b255bb84f596} of all traffic fatalities. All told, car crashes cost the world $518 billion a year and represent at least 1{92cb7a1db6971ea98d82b6f9ad7b1b839d9be98a9980b547e8d7b255bb84f596} to 2{92cb7a1db6971ea98d82b6f9ad7b1b839d9be98a9980b547e8d7b255bb84f596} of each country’s GDP annually. Predictions are that traffic accidents will rise to become the fifth leading cause of death globally by the year 2030.

How Can Florida Drivers Protect Their Rights?

When you are involved in a serious traffic accident, it’s important to remain calm. This is vital, but not just because rash actions could jeopardize your Orlando car accident claim, but also because you have legal responsibilities to adhere to on the scene. Just remaining there and not fleeing is of the utmost importance, because Florida state law requires that no one departs until all responsibilities have been settled. Leaving early can even bring about hit and run charges.

Additionally, any accident that causes $500 or more in damage requires a call to the police.If you’re inexperienced in assessing damages, it may be best to call the police and let them make the determination. This requires preserving the scene of the accident and not moving vehicles, or any damaged parts lying about the scene. While waiting for police, you can use the time to document the accident by talking to witnesses, writing descriptions and recording details of the accident, and taking pictures of the scene. Don’t forget to collect information from other drivers involved in the accident, including insurance information, phone numbers, and addresses.

All of this information will help your personal injury lawyer, if the accident goes to trial. It will also help in dealing with insurance companies. Being involved is no time to take chances. Getting medical treatment and consulting with an experienced car accident attorney should be among your top priorities.

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