Toyota Camry is the latest mid-sized sedan by the Japanese automaker to have a hybrid system. It runs on a petrol-electric engine hence the name hybrid. The cutting-edge technology has become a theme topic among auto lovers visiting Toyota Camry Baltimore auto stores.

Below is a quick overview of the details of the hybrid engine, components and operations, and why you should consider it next time you are looking for new or buying used cars.

The Components of the Hybrid Technology

Toyota Camry Hybrid’s engine unit comprises a specially designed electric motor and a 2.5 liters petrol engine. The two systems work together to produce exceptional acceleration and performance. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology controls the entire operation. It can allow the energy sources to drive the car together or independently.

Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive and Battery

Toyota boasts of the leading Hybrid Synergy Drive in the world. The HSD synchronizes the power from the electric motor with that of the petrol engine. It controls and balances these two energy sources depending on the driving conditions.

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A vital part of the HSD is the Hybrid battery. It is an advanced high power output nickel-metal (Ni-MH) hydride battery. It requires little maintenance and comes with an exceptionally extended warranty of 8 years.

Why You Should Consider Toyota Camry Hybrid

  1. Fuel Economy

In spite of the seemingly complex coupling of the engine, it has high fuel efficiency, consuming only 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers. It also produces low CO2 emissions of only 121kg/km. The series-parallel engine arrangement reduces the emissions to a near zero when the vehicle is in slow traffic. Consequently, the Camry hybrid is among the most eco-friendly cars on the market today.

  1. Performance

The Camry Hybrid still maintains the reliability and performance efficiency of the conventional Toyota models. It is comfortable, easy to handle, and has a high resale value. The Camry also comes with a sophisticated look. The headlights, rear bumpers, and other exterior bodywork have been redone providing exceptional aerodynamics.

  1. Fits All Classes

Are you looking for a family car that can pass both as a sports and luxury vehicle? Then visit Toyota Camry Baltimore dealers for a Camry Hybrid. The midsized sedan has a high-quality fabric with a stitched finishing. The dashboard layout also compares only to the styles prevalent in upscale vehicles. Toyota Camry comes with a sports driving mode. This allows you to turn the sedan into a sports utility. Even more, its design gives it the sporty appeal and performance.

However, the Camry is genuinely a family car. It is spacious with a comfortable interior having child restraint points. The low running and affordable fixed servicing costs make the Toyota Camry an ideal ride for a household on a budget.

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