If you want to start accepting credit cards in your store, the first step is finding the most fitting one for you. Here are ten of best credit card processors out there right now:

Paypal. The online payment giant is one of the better choices out there. A proven platform, they are ideal for a whole variety of people who are looking for a payment processor. Paypal is especially good for those who deal in a lot of microtransactions of $10 or less. They have comparatively low fees and are very flexible. If you only charge around $10,000 a month then they’re a great choice.

Flagship Merchant Services. Flagship is considered as one of the top credit card processors out there. The main reason for this is that they are very flexible. It is easy to set up and you don’t need any long-term contracts. It also helps that they use a free terminal. For shops with high volume sales, then they can meet their needs easily.

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Cayan Merchant Services. Cayan is a favorite of many businesses because of its great customer service. If you want a friendly processor with low fees and monthly contracts, they are your primary choice.

Stripe. If you want to get your payment processing up and running fast, Stripe offers this. Though it isn’t cheaper than the other options out there, its unique technology has made it a favorite among many business owners. Other than PayPal, this is one of the simplest ways to have a payment option available for your online shop. You’ll only require the help of a programmer to get it running.

Square. A mobile card reader, this processor allows you the same option as Stripe for easy set-up. Restaurants love it mostly for its same-day fund availability. Most other processes take two days at least to ensure that the transaction is approved and you get the funds. Square gets you your money fast.

National Processing. If you want complete transparency, National Processing is one of your better choices. They are completely honest about all of the fees you have to pay and their rates. They’re good for bigger companies.

Dharma Merchant Services. Dharma is what larger restaurants like to use for their processor. If you liked Square but thought that they were expensive, dharma provides a better fee. Unfortunately, they have additional fees that make it so that only restaurants that earn $49,000 a month or above would be happy with them.

Payline Data. If you’re in a high-risk credit business like online gaming or adult entertainment, then Payline Data is your best choice. The high fees are expected but their services more than makeup for it.

Amazon Payments. The retail giant is trying to break into credit card processing and it looks like it is succeeding. Using the Amazon infrastructure, it has a pay-as-you-go service. This means no contracts and no additional fees. This is offset by higher transaction fees.

Creditcardprocessing.com. This processing service provides another easy entry into credit card payments. No need for a downpayment and no termination fees are a big draw. It also helps that it offers great freebies.

The right credit card processor can boost your business. Look into these ten processors to see which best fits your needs to see bigger profits in the future. See our quick guides at creditcardprocessor.company. You can also read http://euro.ecom.cmu.edu/resources/elibrary/everycc.htm to understand how credit cards work.
Our experts at creditcardprocessor.company make time to review the best credit card processors today. We do this so you don’t have to.

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