The idea of ​​cleaning the whole house on weekdays when you are not having enough time because of obligations or work, or taking care of the kids, is  quite daunting. Let’s not mention the weekend that you would prefer to rest rather than doing the cleaning of the house you missed during the week. So, it would be a great idea if we separate the weekly cleanings and housework in a little parts  of just  20 minutes work, which you could do before Monday morning. Just select one a week so you do not get it  all done in the end and waste more time.

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20-minute homework you can do every day:

Clean the curtain in the bathroom shower: The bathroom curtain has to be cleaned frequently. Go to your bathroom ,take the curtain out, put it in the washer and feel the cleanest ever during the next time you shower.

Dust the surfaces: Dusting is one of  the housework that needs to be done regularly. The dust on every furniture seems so unpleasant. So, do  not wait to clean the whole house once a week, choose one day and start cleaning the bedroom. The next day you can clean the living room surfaces and then go to the other rooms of the house if you have the time.

Clean all surfaces that polish: Take care of the bathroom and wash basin cleanliness, the mirrors in the hallway and the floor.Thesurfaces that polish, especially in the bathroom with all the humidity of the water need to be taken care of really often.

Tide up your living room: Take away all the dishes in the kitchen, clean your coffee table and put all the books and magazines in the right place. Make your couch looks better with all the pillows placed in the right order.

Clean the dishes. Collect all the dishes, and clean them. Then put them in the right place. Do not forget to clean the coffee cups too.

Clean and clear all the things you do not use from  a drawer or a closet and organize everything in it. If you find something that is not his place, arrange it where it should be.

Use the dishwasher

The dishwasher will save you a lot of work if you use it properly. You should fill it properly and put it into operation just after using the utensils.

Large utensils such as pots and pans are usually better hand washed.

Dishes are worn faster when washed in the dishwashing machine than in the hand, as abrasive soaps are commonly used in the dishwasher. Prefer to wash the expensive dinnerware in hand with care.

Change the extractor filter: Remove the old filter of your hood and throw it away. After cleaning the potential dirt and grease, put the new air filter in the right place.

Manage the unread email:Spend some time on your computer, archiving all the usefull  that you need and delete that you do not need. Do not forget to unsubscribe from all the newsletters you do not want to see it on your screen.

Clean all the screens: Wipe your computer dust, your keyboard, and your screen. Also clean your tablet and your mobile phone.

Mop the house

Some sponge indretning can be particularly effective. But there is no better solution when you have to get rid of stuck dirt.

Fabric mops are more effective than sponge.

Use hot water and a good cleaner (read the instructions again).

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Put everything in your wardrobe in the right place: Take the washed clothes out of your bed and arrange them in the wardrobe. Organize your underwear, socks, shirts, trousers and whatever else you have in your wardrobe. If you need more help, read how you can save space in your wardrobe.

Clean the fan: Wipe the blades and the fan surface. If it’s not his time, put him in a big bag and store him in the warehouse.

Clean the windows: Choose a room of your home and clean all the windows.

Fold out the expired refrigerator food: Make a quick check of your refrigerator’s food and throw away what has expired.

Clean the floor

The vacuum cleaner is by far the most effective way to clean the dust, hairs and rubbish from the floor before mopping.

On wooden floors now, more efficient are the brooms with a special cloth, which absorbs the dust thanks to static electricity while polishing the wood.


It is advisable not to neglect the work outside the home as it is necessary to create a more pleasant environment. Scratching will prevent mold growth after rain, reduce insect appearance and improve the overall image of your home.

Do not forget:the cleaning of our home should now be a pleasant activity and not a nightmare!Before you get started, put your favorite music on!It will make all this routine seems like fun!Enjoy!


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