If you run a business in 2018, you know the importance of social media. But it may also seem to be a little daunting. With so many other people out there already, how can you hope to compete in the social media stakes?

Many modern entrepreneurs have become adept at promoting their brand through social media. One such entrepreneur is Stan Gershengoren. You can learn about Stan Gershengoren by searching his name online, and you will find a modern business person in his adept use of social media. But it isn’t that hard to upgrade your social media presence and boost your business. Here are three key tips for 2018.

Establish your own BGC

If 2017 was the year of User Generated Content (UGC), then in 2018 social media marketing is all about Brand Generated Content. UGC refers to any content including photos, videos or other media that was created by consumers and made available to others through social media. According to some research, social media marketing that uses UGC can lead to up to 50 percent higher engagement, and UGC also has more impact than other marketing.

BGC is a variation on the UGC theme. It essentially reproduces the same impact as UGC but is instead created by your business. With BGC you can make an impact on your potential customers with content that resonates and triggers interaction, but you have more control over it than you do with UGC, enabling you to create a more focused social media strategy.

Focus on genuine influencers

You may have heard of influencers. Any individual with a large following on a social media platform can be an influencer, and by getting your product into their hands, you can promote your business to a much wider audience. But there is a catch. Some unscrupulous individuals   either pose as influencers, or do unethical things to generate that audience in the first place, and the last thing you need is to associate your brand with them. So, before you link up with an influencer, do your research, find out what they are all about and reassure yourself that you would be happy for your brand to be linked with them.

Get the most out of social selling

Social selling is about using your social network to find potential leads and ultimately make sales. In 2018, cold calling and old-fashioned sales techniques no longer work. Social selling requires a number of different aspects. The first is to focus on building your brand within the industry in which you are operating. Get involved with industry issues and build up your reputation as an expert or prominent person in the industry, through blogging or creating presentations. By focusing on building up your credibility and reputation, you will attract far more customers to your business than through traditional sales methods.

The world of social media is both a challenge and an opportunity. Businesses that embrace it will find that they are better able to beat their rivals and to maximize their growth.

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