All water sources – groundwater, tankers, river water or any source for that reason – are compromised. The only difference is some are more compromised than the others. There are some natural contaminants, but the water quality mostly gets depleted by external ones, which include pesticides, pathogens, and chemicals from factories and human or animal pollutants.

Purifying water before consumption is no more a matter of choice but mandatory. We end up buying home water purifiers depending upon the quality of water reaching our homes. Buying these purifiers alone is not enough. Besides understanding how to choose the right purifier, we also need to understand the importance of servicing and maintaining it. This is important for keeping it in good shape so that it keeps dispensing clean and safe water for our consumption.

Here’s how we should maintain home water purifiers to get germ-free water day in and day out.

Regular Changing of Filters

Filters are the main constituents that bear the brunt of the entire purification process. They work relentlessly by absorbing or eliminating the contaminants and thus with time they get saturated with these contaminants. If you continue using the saturated filter to purify water, its efficiency will not be up to the mark and the whole purpose of having a water purifier will get defeated.

You should change the filter at the frequency prescribed by the manufacturer or in case you notice these signals – having a reduced flow rate or if there is a change in the taste or odour of water.

RO Membrane Replacement

If you are using RO home water purifiers, then changing the RO membrane is very crucial as it is responsible for filtering out the chemicals and particulates. As a rule, it needs replacement every two to three years. But, you can never go 100% by this rule as this time can vary depending upon the quality of water reaching your home and also the household consumption.

Drips and Leakages Should Never Be Ignored

Any machine, when put to use, is bound to go through normal wear and tear. If you notice any leakage, however minor it is, never ignore it. Get in touch with a technician on a priority basis and schedule a maintenance check-up. A small leak can lead to a much bigger problem in future, so make sure that leakage gets sealed up as soon as possible.

Regular Servicing

Getting an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is the perfect way to ensure that your water purifier gets serviced regularly by authorised technicians. Regular servicing ensures optimum purification at all times. If any problem happens, it is caught and rectified immediately, and the spares used are genuine. Just as a part of your maintenance schedule, you need to ensure that any water that is stored in the tank for more than 48 hours is drained out as it becomes unfit for consumption.

If you follow these simple points, you will never have any complaint about your water purifier and germ-free water will be accessible always.

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