Investing in a heat pump is a significant decision and even though it saves you money in the long run, it is essential to choose a reliable and qualified contractor for the work of installation. Hiring someone doing sloppy work leads to unnecessary hassles. Along with the heat pumps, you must work towards finding the right contractor for the job. The first step is to evaluate the size and the position of your home for which the contractor must visit the premise. Although you can receive a recommendation or quote from the contractor over the phone, they may not be able to state the correct amount without proper home evaluation.

What to get

You do not want the contractor to come and plug the heat pump, but choose someone who can let you walk you through the entire process of installation. The contractor must help you to get the heat pump prices while picking the right model and size of the equipment. What’s more, the contractor, should be able to provide you a breakup of the rates applicable for the work of installation. You must associate with a contractor willing to offer you guaranteed work within a proper time frame. Try to find out the chances of escalation of the cost when you decide to work with a contractor.

References and written contract

Every contractor will have a list of customers. You can call them to find out about their experience of the installation process and the performance of the pump. When you finalize the decision to hire a contractor, try to get everything in writing about the installation, payment schedule, warranty and the options of financing to avoid dispute later. You need to also check whether the company you have chosen for the installation of the heat pump offers liability insurance to the customers.

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