If you are thinking about what are the best places to visit in Paris, you will be left with a number of choices. A place known for its style, romance, and culture, attracts manytravellersevery year. Tourists are generally battling against a compact schedule with less time and lots of places. There is certainly more to Paris than world-famous Eiffel Tower. There are many hidden gems like The Catacombs of Paris, The Pantheon and more to attract tourists. You can book Singapore airlines flights at vying rates online to visit this amazing place.

Below mentioned is a list of places to explore in Paris except for Eiffel Tower:

There is hidden adarker portion of this city of Eiffel Tower to be relished! The Catacombs of Paris is an underground burial attaining more than five million skeletons dating to the 18th century.Compact in boundless corridors, it’s a thrilling haunted place to keep you on your toes! If you are fond of such places, this is certainly going to excite you. This exciting space exclusively came into existence as a place for burial for Parisians bones during the 18th Century, eventually followed by the closure of the Cemetery of Innocents and a number of Parisian cemeteries.

  • Musee du Louvre

Known as one of the best places to visit in Paris, you can exclusively spend an entire day here. Its huge and has someexceptional stuff to relish at every turn.  So walk through to explore Venus de Milo et al and the Mona Lisa. This place is also known as the Grand Louvre or only The Louvre. It is known as one of the planet’s finest art museums, showcasing around 30,000 highlights from around the planet.

  • The Pantheon – Paris

You might be thinking about the Pantheon’s in Rome, but there is one in Paris too!  The Paris Pantheon is an astounding church, now a resting place for France’s popular and mausoleum. Not much visited, this place is among the top places to be relished in Paris with its exceptional architecture.The Paris Pantheon was exclusively constructed because of determination of King Louis XV to exclusively develop an edifice to the achievement of the patron saint- St-Genevieve of Paris.

  • Palace of Versailles

Versailles is simply amazing as it marks the presence of royalty and is a huge tourist appealer. The gardens here will just make you fall in love with them even if its huge structure fails to attract you. This place was a hunting ground for King Louis XIII but was later transformed into an amazing palace to reside by his successor and son, Louis XIV.

So, if you are thinking about travelling to this romantic and lovely hub, book vying tickets of Singapore airlines flights and exclusively make the most of your vacation. The places mentioned above will make it even more interesting for you. You can relish these places in a short period of time as per your needs. So, pack your bags and fly off to the city of romance to have the best time of your life! Start exploring, there is certainly more than an Eiffel Tower to relish.

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