Find out how working in a care home is not your only option as a carer. There is a much more fulfilling job with a positive impact available to you right now.

If you work in a care home, it is likely you have faced some challenging situations. Naturally, the job comes with challenges that are normal, such as having to say goodbye to people you have cared for and lost, needing to cope with a physically or emotionally aggressive client, and having to cope with the long hours and physical demands of the job. It may be that you have also been affected by common issues faced by carers in care homes. Perhaps you are so pushed for time, you simply cannot converse with clients whilst providing essential personal care. Perhaps in order to get everybody to bed in time, some people at the start of the list have to be dressed and in bed by 6PM or earlier. These issues are not uncommon and can leave carers feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied in their work. Carers are naturally caring people who have been trained to be compassionate, attentive and to provide a high level of care. If the job doesn’t allow that, it can be draining, stressful and perhaps even cause you to consider leaving the job.

There Is More To Being A Carer Than Working In A Care Home

The population is ageing, which means that the demand for care is going to continue to increase. People aged 65 and over is the fastest growing age group and is going to grow by over 20% in the next decade and by nearly 60% in the next 25 years, according to statistics. Residential care cannot be the only option for the elderly needing care, which is why another option is becoming much more well-known and popular: live-in care.

What is live in care? Live-in care solves many different problems, according to the Live in Care Hub. It helps clear the NHS of beds clogged up by patients in need of a place in a care home, who end up on waiting lists and spending their time on wards. It helps patients stay at home so they do not have to go through the trauma of leaving everything that is familiar to them behind. It also helps carers who want to lead a fulfilling and rewarding career in the care industry.

How Being A Live-in Carer Will Help You Reach Your True Potential

Working in a care home is a rewarding job to some extent, but the likelihood is you have found it challenging in ways you would rather not. Self employed live-in care jobs enable you to reach your true carer potential because you can care in the way you always wanted to. You can chat to your client, get to know them and form a bond with them. You can provide them with the food that meets their nutritional needs. You can help them be social and help them make friends. You can find them new hobbies to try, or enable them to maintain the hobbies they love. You can ensure their home is comfortable and clean and the way they like it, care for their pets and their garden, and even travel with them on holiday if that is what the job entails.

Be The Carer You Always Wanted To Be

If you are feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in your care home job, then it might be time for a change into a care job that brings endless rewards.Self employed live-in care jobs really are an amazing choice of career for carers who want to provide a high standard of individual care to their client. If you want to be the carer you always thought you would be, with a rewarding job, and excellent pay, then consider a career in live-in care, it could be the best decision you ever make.

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