You’ve likely seen wrought iron fences Austin TX in homes around your neighborhood. In fact, wrought iron fences were brought to America in the 19th century along with the Industrial Revolution. Before the Industrial Revolution, iron was simply too expensive, so it was only reserved for extremely expensive colonial homes.

Still today, elaborate work on wrought iron fences can be quite expensive as well. But at the same time, if you’re interested in having a wrought iron fence for your home, you can definitely find an affordable option.

If you’re considering this fencing option, here are the pros and cons that you can look forward to:

The Pros of Iron Fences Austin TX

  • Highly ornamental

Lots of types of fencing looks utilitarian and does not complement your home or your yard. Iron fences, on the other hand, are highly ornamental and make a great yard accessory.

  • Super durable

Even if your home goes through an extreme storm or if there is torrential rain, iron fences are extremely durable and can stand up to most weather and wear.

  • Numerous styles to choose from

Finally, the great thing about iron fencing is that there are numerous styles and designs to choose from. You can get a simple iron fence that just has bars up and down and no ornament, or you can choose a highly decorative fence with lots of swirls and designs. Both can look great.

The Cons of Iron Fences Austin TX

  • Rusting can be a problem

Even if you take good care of your iron fence, rusting can still be an issue. Some people don’t mind the vintage look of a rusted iron fence, but if you want to keep your fence in pristine condition, the propensity to rust will be an annoying problem for you.

  • Iron fences do not provide much privacy

If you want your fence to act as a barrier for protection and privacy in your garden or yard, iron might not be the material for you as it does not provide much privacy.

  • The price can be rather high

Finally, remember that iron fencing can be rather expensive. In many situations, the price is worth it, but just be prepared for the higher cost.

Even after reading the cons of iron fences Austin TX, if you are still interested in this type of fencing, there are numerous high quality fencing distributors located in Austin, Texas to choose from. Just be sure that the fencing company you go with is reputable by reading reviews online and asking friends and neighbors who have used them in the past. Iron fencing can be a great addition to any home in the Austin area.

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