No parent could have ever dreamed of separating when they were getting married, every couple wants to have a long and happy life with their partner and children. Separation sometimes becomes a necessary evil for a family if they want to bring normality to their life. Divorce means that the family will have to split apart, the children will live with either one of the parents. When the custody goes to either of the parents then the other non-custodial parent has to pay child support.  It involves the daily expenses of the children, school or college fees, and some other expenses, which the parent has to pay either monthly or weekly.

The amount of child support is decided by the judge that is to be paid by either of the parents for their children, and the court will decide such matters by analyzing the secondary parent’s monthly income and the stability of his/her job. You will need professional help for fighting in the court to turn these decisions in your favor which are available with Thornton law firm who know all the intricacies and the legal obligations that a person needs to know about this case.

In child support, the parent has to pay a monthly stipend to the primary parent, based on factors like how many children are there, where the percentage of his/her income that is to be paid to the primary parent increases with each consecutive child. For example, if for one child the court decides 15% as child support after deducting taxes then for each consecutive child this percentage will increase by 5%. The secondary paying parent also has to include the name of the children in his/her insurance policy or arrange for separate insurance policies for each child. The quantum of child support can still go higher if the primary parent proves the need for special assistance to the child or if the child has some kind of disability or injury.

The situation can become more difficult for the non-custodial parent if he/she does not have a stable job or business because if in case he/she is not able to pay child support then the non-custodial parent will lose visitation and meeting right to the child. If you do not want to lose these rights then it is strongly recommended that you take the help of the lawyers at Thornton law firm who will make sure that you have to pay minimum child support and get to meet your children.

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