The Internet has become an everyday part of most human lives. Billions of people belong to Facebook alone, a social media website that lets you post pictures, videos, and text thoughts to friends around the world. With an audience of billions, it’s no surprise that the Internet has also landed itself squarely on the dashboards of many autos. No one is more aware of this than car accident lawyers in Wauwatosa. Like other places in the world, they’ve seen an increase in the number of distracted driver cases that stem not from cellphones but from the technology built right into the dashboards of vehicles.

It’s known to car shoppers and lawyers as the connected car, and there are already credible reports that these types of cars are to blame for some of the biggest spikes in traffic accidents in decades. Unlike car radios which allow drivers to passively listen, the new connected dashes require much more participation and hands on activity from drivers than just a quick switch of the dial (not that car radios themselves haven’t been to blame for accidents).

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Consumers and certainly safety experts worry that this is a new trend on today’s road. It was bad enough to read reports of drivers checking their phone messages and taking selfies while driving down the road. Now you’ve got an entire legitimate car system that’s designed to engage drivers in Internet activity while driving a car at the same time. The dash is DESIGNED to distract, and so far it’s doing a very good job on some drivers on the road. What’s the solution for this?

For now it’s the same as the solution for any other type of car accident. Once you’ve been in an accident, it’s time for an attorney to check the other driver’s circumstances to see if distracted driving might have played a part in their negligence. Even if the entertainment systems are built into the dashboard, that doesn’t give another driver a free pass to take the lives of other drivers into their own hands. If they’re going to engage in this type of system, they need to do so in a safe way. With on-board dashes, the question is HOW to remain focused on the road in a responsible way while talking to your car and telling it to pull up information that is by nature there to distract you and hold your attention.

Car accident lawyers can investigate the circumstances of your car accident and determine if the other driver is in any way at fault and negligent in the commission of the accident. If they are, you may be able to recover financial damages from them. A good car accident lawyer knows how to compassionately get the facts of your case and hold the other driver responsible for their behavior on the road. As new cars are churned out with these massively distracting connected systems on the dash, there may be a whole new generation of people who suffer a tragedy on the road.

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