Personal injury law firms like Schultz & Myers handle all forms of personal injury cases. They take clients from all over the country and make sure that they get the legal representation they need when they’re injured. In case you’re in the dark about what constitutes a personal injury, it helps to review the most common personal injury cases that enter the courtroom each year. These include car accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice cases, and dog bites.

When someone is injured due to someone else’s negligence, this is a personal injury. It means that if the offending party hadn’t failed to do something, or had done something, the injury itself wouldn’t have occurred. When a driver drives drunk and injures someone, the injury was caused because another person failed to follow the rules of the road and another human being was harmed as a result. This is a personal injury and however much lawyers wish they didn’t occur, they do.

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A personal injury lawyer knows how to determine the amount of damages to ask for. They do so based on the types of things that you can get compensation for. One, a few, or all of these things may be at play in any given case. It’s the lawyer’s job to know how much money to ask for when they go into a courtroom. Sometimes a client may decide to settle for less money in exchange for the offending party agreeing to pay damages. A settlement means that you accept less money in exchange for a halt to all court proceedings. You’ll get your check right away as opposed to much later on. The personal injury lawyer is trained to recognize a good settlement offer – one that’s fair – and one that is simply insulting given the amount of pain, suffering, and financial losses accrued as a result of the injury.

Negligence is something that needs to be called out when it occurs. Drivers, healthcare professionals, and dog owners all have a responsibility to the public to make sure that they follow the rules. When they don’t, loss of life or the quality of life can occur in the blink of an eye. A personal injury lawyer’s job in life is to make sure that justice is carried through in all of these cases. When they do their job, not only do they win monetary damages for their clients but they give a measure of justice to the offending parties who might not have faced criminal charges.

It’s a valuable lesson for offenders. Your actions do affect other people under certain circumstances and it’s in the interest of every citizen that personal injury cases are followed through until the end so that justice can be served and the offending people or organizations can learn that they can’t harm others without serious consequences. The distributors of that justice are, as always, the personal injury lawyers and the clients who are brave enough to weather the storm of a personal injury case.

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