You are thinking of going on a holiday, why don’t you go with the caravan. If you have not considered it yet, you must consider it now, it gives you freedom of coming and going, also eating and sleeping. You totally get rid of the disturbing people in the next room as in case of hotels. It gets better when you have your own caravan. You get to go wherever you want to go, get to eat what you like whenever you like. You can make a stop at any place you like; you can go to look surroundings. You will know in the end it is better than staying in a hotel. There are many lenders who give caravans for hire. You can get some good caravans at Fat Lama. You get everything you need in it. They deal with all types of caravan, small or big, it depends on your group.

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Some points that you should consider before you go for renting the caravan:

  • You need to list everything you want in the caravan.
  • You should choose caravan in accordance with your destination like if you are going to the desert, you can prefer desert rose.
  • Check the towing capacity of the caravan, as your engine might get blown if you have more masses in a caravan you rent.
  • It must provide you sufficient space, check that too.

Size matters a lot: The caravans that are available in present time are 11 to 24 feet long. You must prefer a bigger one as it will provide you more comfort than the smaller one. Smaller are preferable to one or two persons. The smaller ones provide easy towing, obviously big one makes towing comparatively harder. You can choose according to your needs.

There are off roads caravan are also available that are designed and build for the rough roads. They are dustproof and fitted with extra equipment for protection. If you are going to take a regular one on the dusty and improper road you might face some serious problems.

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