There are some selected features, which people generally look for while buying sports items, and among the features, durability is always on the first priority list. Well, the same rule is applicable to paddle, used for pickleball rounds. The stronger the paddle is the better results you can catch up with. Reliable companies are currently offering XF version of paddle available in multiple colors. Some of the color variations are red, blue, purple and pink, to name a few and procured from These paddles come with 4 layers for that extra protection. Moreover, the interior comprises of honeycomb core which will add more to the durability for sure.

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Get to the features:

So, you have been an ardent fan of X3 version and were using the paddle of this series. Now, you do not like the plastic edge. If that’s so, then this XF version is just perfect for you. This edgeless paddle is perfect and it comes with 4 layers of extra protection. But before you go for a purchase, it is mandatory to learn a bit more about the features and then make any kind of investment. The major features to check in over here are edge and its lack, core of paddle, handle grip and the surface of the same object.

More to learn:

This paddle is an edgeless option making it smooth for you to handle. It does not comprise of any lip on side of the said paddle. There are some important padded grips, which are designed to offer you with a perfect balance between control and comfort.Moreover, this item comes with an aluminum honeycomb like core, which is light and strong at the same time. If you want to learn more about the packages and the allotted services to it, make sure to get in touch with the best team for help.

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