The one sign that customers are always looking for when they drive by is that neon “open” sign! Having the right advertisement is key to getting your business the best visibility to draw in more customers. Here are four reasons why you should take notice of our excellent neon signs for sale.

1. You can inform the general public of your availability.

It’s often hard to tell if your business is open when you’re using an ordinary sign. You may be able to post your hours of operation on your front door, but that often involves effort on the customer’s end to get up close and see the details.

On the other hand, neon signs make it simple. The bright lights shine night and day and are difficult to miss. In this way, you can even attract people who aren’t familiar with the area. Get ready for more spontaneous customers when you make your business’s status more transparent!

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2. You have a variety of preset designs & customization options.

Whether you need a simple “open” sign or want a custom sign for your store’s name, we can make it happen. We can do large or small signs as well as other neon products like window border tubing, clocks and much more. We have a creative team of professionals on our side who can do almost anything for you, so if you have an idea, just ask.

3. Invest in effective local advertising.

Neon signs shine brightly even after it gets dark, outperforming traditional signs. If you want customers to know where you are, especially in the shorter days of winter and in locations where there are dark seasons, you need to stand out from your competition with a neon sign.

4. Draw attention to your best products.

Neon signs are excellent at catching the eyes of your customers. If you have a special featured product or event, our signs can make it easy to promote your big ticket items. According to consumer data, you have a mere 8 seconds to attract a customer, so make the most of your advertising efforts by using visually appealing signs that will snag their attention.

Explore what neon signs can do for your business.

If you want to learn more about our neon signs for sale, contact us at Jantec Neon. We can do almost anything, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, give us a call and we can work with you. There’s absolutely no risk in getting information as our quotes are 100{92cb7a1db6971ea98d82b6f9ad7b1b839d9be98a9980b547e8d7b255bb84f596} free.