Advanced production schedules need machines that can produce and finish components at a quick speed and with a great level of consistency. Reliable lathe machine that at one time was fully mechanical has now transformed into advanced CNC lathes with a excellent degree of automation and accuracy.

Application of CNC lathes

CNC lathes are often used on metal components that need some material to be cut through turning. They are also used to drill several holes including centred holes often in blocks of metal. Although advanced CNC lathes are also used on other materials such as plastic as well as wood. Lathe machines are commonly used to construct cylindrical components like gears, crankshafts etc that would need an excellent level of accuracy as manufacturers compete to develop engines and gearboxes that are more peaceful and efficient as compare to their adversaries. Manual lathes like the turret lathes, engine lathes and special purpose lathes were earlier used however with in an increase in production levels automated CNC lathes offer higher production output with lesser errors, although manual lathes are still in use by small scale workshops.

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Advanced lathe machines can make a job easier

Advanced machines are a combination of a computer with a lathe machine and a controller that transforms every digital signal into a required action. Expert software is initially used to develop the necessary design that that should be replicated physically on metal and wood. Then the work material is installed on the chuck and rotated at slow or high speeds on the basis on the material and the cut type or centring needed. The program instructs the lathe machine on the type of cutting, drilling or centring needed including the depth as well as width. While older lathe machines only do cutting functions, newer machines can perform cutting and milling and high end ones can have four spindles to perform numerous jobs simultaneously, hence decreasing operations and enhancing productivity. Advanced CNC lathes need an operator to oversee the mechanical process that earlier would have needed one or double operators for real physical work. A programmer is also needed to compile the software commands required to guide the machine to offer precise cuts or holes. The tool bit that are needed to cut through steel are often made of titanium carbide, tungsten carbide n the basis of material that should be processed. The tool bits are used as long as the tolerance levels are maintained.

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