Having the objects right in your frame is amazing, as that gives you the clearest shot with the right set of apparatus. However, time has changed, and nowadays the equipment of photography has indeed got much more developed. Standing in 21st century, the concept of auto focus in the modern days DSLRs and telescopic lenses is amazing and the appropriateness they provide is beyond the expectation of the photographers.

What Charles Nucci has noticed that, people have a misconception about focusing their objects! Just half pressing the shutter button and waiting for the focus points to light up seems to serve the purpose for them. But only professional photographers know how difficult it is to have accurate focusing, and one must have a detailed understanding to make the best use. The DSLR units generally autofocus using the technology of Passive autofocus, which is nothing but a simple method that determines the distance of the lens to the subject by having a computer analysis of the image. Since this is a sophisticated system, most of the pro-photographers prefer relying on this autofocus as the accuracy has already been proved.

But there is one thing to consider, the Passive autofocus has some pre-requisitions- light and image contrast so that it is needed to work. So those who would feel like auto-focusing on the blank wall with the help of Passive focus will never find it working.

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Knowing the Autofocus Points from Charles Nucci to Make It Perfect Next Time

As mentioned earlier, the auto focus points in most of the DSLR cameras is activated by half pressing on the shutter button. And depending upon the model of the camera and its range, the numbers of auto focus points are depended. Traditionally, the older models of DSLR cameras had only three points; however, the latest models have got as many as sixty. So one can easily have the idea where technology has taken photography to, and how the image quality can reflect it.

Apart from knowing the Auto Focus points, one must be aware of the Auto Focus modes as well, to get the best focusing system working. Generally there are three distinctive modes present, but those who have got bridge cameras, this mode might be absent completely.

  • One Shot Auto Focus Mode- This is by far the most commonly used autofocus mode and when you get a DSLR camera in hand, this is the default mode where the camera is set. Generally designed to have a better picture of the static objects, this particular mode is considered to be the safest option for landscape photography.
  • AI Servo Continuous AF Mode– The AI Servo mode, mostly found on the Canon cameras, is the only designed for the moving objects, and those who are interested about wildlife photography can actually make the best use of this particular mode. Just as the object or the camera keeps moving, this particular mode will allow the lens to keep re-focusing every time.

Charles Nucci believes that a clear perception and knowledge of auto focus points and modes will allow the photographers have sharper shots with minimal effort. How good focusing is essential for better photography can be realized once you start getting them.

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