Dogecoin, or DOGE as people lovingly call it, made its appearance in 2013, almost four years after Bitcoins or BTC was launched. While BTCs need no introduction these days, you can call DOGE a more exciting cryptocurrency. It derives its name from its mascot, a ShiabaInu dog that you see in internet memes. Dogecoins are now emerging slowly, yet surely. This makes for an evident reason why you should learn the fundamentals of it.

Where to Use It

A majority of Dogecoin users prefer using it for tipping on the internet. It is more used in the articles and blogs where readers share their tips with the writer. Also, DOGE s have almost become a staple in the events of global fundraising. For example, in the Winter Olympics held in 2014, the Blobsled Team of Jamaica received a lot of donations in the form of Dogecoins, This helped them to make it to the competition. There are also some online stores that accept this cryptocurrency. In the world of online gambling, there is, however, relatively less number of dogecoin casino. However, most of the casinos that support it are quite reliable. Also, some wallets accept this currency. Almost all exchanges accept it, as well. This makes for another reason why you should give it a try.

DOGE Wallets

Just as it happens with the other types of cryptocurrencies, you can keep your DOGEs in Exchanges. However, the safest way is to store them in your DOGE wallet. You can check the online forums or surf the internet to look for the trusted wallet options for Dogecoin gambling. Quite similar to the other types of Dogecoins, these wallets are divided into two groups. They are- the physical hardware wallet, or devices, as well as the software e-wallets. You can undoubtedly call the devices to be more secure than an e-wallet. But then again, the software version is better for online transactions. Hence, the trick is to keep the heavier amount in the devices and store a smaller amount, (say something that you can manage losing) in the e-wallet. The wallets, be it of any kind, is safe anyways. But it is never a bad idea to be extra careful while handling money.

About Dogecoin Betting

You can get your coin supply from online exchanges, getting tipped, and mining, etc. In the dogecoin casino, you can gamble in different ways. You can even predict any event with an uncertain outcome. For example, you can bet on sports and similar events. The more uncertain the outcome of events, the bigger payouts you are likely to enjoy. Sports betting are nothing new in the gambling world. You can call them the earliest types of gambling in the world. For thousands of years, people have been wagering in the events between the betting competitors. If you are a sports enthusiast and love gambling, as well, then you can choose between different events. For example, you can choose from Alpine Skiing, MMA, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Soccer, American Football, Tennis, Badminton and the new favorite, DogecoinEsports Betting.

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