Rummy is an online card game that has taken the Indian community by storm in recent years. Most people start playing rummy as a means to make quick money. But soon it develops into a relaxing hobby which can help many working people to deal with their day to day stress. Rummy also enforces certain habits within people which helps them in their real-life everyday scenarios.  An example of this can be found in the workplace. People who play the rummy game are often found to be more capable of dealing with the various aspects of office politics than those who do not play the game.

Face Cards-Letting Go

In a rummy game, the face cards carry the most points. Every card deck has three face cards in each suite- they are the King, the Queen, and the Jack. Like most card games these twelve face cards- three for each of the four suites have the highest points. How to deal with the face cards in rummy can teach us a lot about how to deal with the various cases of office politics that inevitably come up when we are in a workplace.

  • Letting go:

In the Rummy game, to win, the player must form sequences of cards. These sequences can be either proper or improper, as long as one of them is a proper sequence. To form these sequences the players sometimes must let go of the face cards even though they offer maximum points. This is an act of sacrifice that has to be made for the greater good. This teaches the player to keep the bigger picture in mind and not get carried away by short term gains. The same lesson is applicable to office politics. Sometimes we have to back down and await our turn. Lose one battle in order to win the war. Keeping this lesson in mind can help an employee go a long way in his or her professional career. What would seem like a meek surrender at the immediate moment can come back as a masterstroke.

  • Patience:

Letting go of high point cards takes a lot of courage. It also calls for a lot of practice and lots of patience to see the bigger picture. These constant honing of skill can trickle down to real life. In an office or work environment, this patience comes in really handy when dealing with people we necessarily do not agree with. This again helps us in the bigger picture and molds us into leaders who are looked up to by their peers.


Rummy is a fun, relaxing activity that instills in us many traits that can be seen in leaders. The art of sacrifice, patience and biding one’s time for the right moment are all important leadership traits. Rummy players, while playing the game and relaxing their mind, unconsciously can incorporate these traits within themselves.

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