If you have found your eternal soul mate, the ring that you will give her needs to be equally timeless. Selection of the perfect ring cannot be a one-day deal, for it is going to stay on her lovely fingers for her lifetime. Sounds like a responsibility, isn’t it? It certainly is because you are going to slide a piece of your heart between her fingers that will stay there forever!

If you didn’t think of how important this purchase is, we will tell you how exactly you need to select “The One” for your “Only One”. Now, this isn’t a tedious task! Just follow the tips below to fetch the best ring:

  • Understand her style

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting rings is your girl’s style.  This can depend either on her choice or a particular style that suits her.

In order to find what she likes is to try and notice the type of jewelry, she wears the most. Find out whether she is a ‘gold’ or ‘platinum’ girl.

Diamonds are not a standard for proposal rings. Perhaps she might like a particular kind of stone, say her birthstone more than a diamond. You might have to see whether she has an earthy woman or someone who loves to flaunt her ring. Keeping all this in mind you can choose or custom design her ring.

  • Find out the trending designs and styles

You need to look out for trending ring styles of that particular period. Usually if a star or celebrity gets a particular unique ring that becomes a fashion and women begin to expect similar rings. Check her taste and then finalize on the style.

  • Let it be a surprise

Though it’s easy to get your partner to the jewelry outlet and let her select her own ring, but you’ll surely miss on a lot of things. Imagine her awe stricken face when you independently get the ring that fits her well and is exactly what she wanted.

  • Find out her ring size

One of the most crucial parts of picking the ring is getting the wrong size.  It would be awkward if you went down on one knee and the ring doesn’t fit her fingers.  The best way to avoid this blunder is to borrow her ring or ask any of your close friends to know the size for you.  She will be surprised by the level of planning  that you would do!

  • Diamond selection with ‘4Cs Rule’

             This is one of the most technical parts of purchasing a ring.  Now that you have selected the band,  you should take 4Cs into account cut, color, clarity and carat weight.  All  these define the quality and cost of the diamond.  Cut refers to the angles and proportion of the stone.  Only a well cut diamond reflects light and makes it sparkle.

            It would amaze you to know that diamonds come in different colors.  Diamond color scale range from D(colorless)  to Z (light yellow).   Clarity simply means less imperfections.  A clear diamond with tiny or no fractures would certainly be expensive. The carat refers to the weight of a diamond, more the weight, heavier you are going to pay, however it may happen that the design of the Ring makes the Diamond appear larger even when its original weight is less.

  • Seek authenticity certificate and a warranty for the ring

           Last but not the least is finalizing on a budget.  Just like any other purchase there must be a set budget as it would enable you to buy a ring that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

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