Once you’ve decided to take the leap of faith on online matrimonial websites and wrapped your head around the concept of matrimony, it up to you to wade through the murky waters of searching and communication and ultimately finding the Right One. The process can be fairly quick some and nail-bitingly long for many. One of the first things you potential significant others would come across in your profile that you’ve submitted to the site. In other words, this is very well the internet’s version of a meet-cute. Here are a few ways in which you can make your profile an attractive one:

A perfect Personal Description:

The first thing that you have to update upon registering with a matrimonial website is your personal description.  It means you have written about what you think of well, you. So kindly avoid using sentences that begin with ‘my friend’s say’ or ‘my mother always said’- all of these can say once you start communicating personally with each other.  For now, focus on being concise, to the point and coherent. Flaunting is completely unnecessary and do watch the tone that you carry, make sure it does not veer off into over-confidence. Be humble, be honest and be you.

Avoid Ambiguity:

When filling out details pertaining to family and education. Kindly take care not be evasive and misleading, let’s face it there is the whole world of difference between “I work in the dairy industry” and I am a “milkman”. Mention the degrees and diplomas that you legit hold and the fields in which you have them. Your family status, your parent’s occupation, and financial status must be truthful and clear as these are some of the things that one would pore over while finding a match, and honestly so would you in order to determine the compatibility. It’s hard enough contemplating marriage to someone you’ve met online; being honest can go a long way in easing multitude of fears.

There is no wrong answer:

Next comes your partner preferences. Remember, this might just be the most important of them all. You will be required to list down all that you are for in a partner. Again, it is imperative that you remain honest, be clear about your requirements and be careful not to veer into offensive and sensibility smarting areas. You are not dictating terms to your partner or giving them your custom matrimonial tips, but simply stating the qualities you’d like them to possess. There is no wrong or right answer here, you are only required to be upfront, after all, each and everyone out there has the same goal as you, that is, finding a soul mate and your clear preferences will only aid in making it a reality.

Your profile picture:

All you have to ensure is that your picture showcases the best side of you, not profile or frontal side, but an image that shows you in your element. A good picture can do wonders and ensure that you don’t post pictures of you with another person, pet or a group. These pictures must be recent and relevant.

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