Colors make our life bright and cheerful. Creative people use color to express their feelings. Painters use colors on the canvass to express their sentiments. There are body art experts who use color to paint human body to express the feelings of the owner of the body. There are many types of colors. Some are fluorescent in normal light and some of the paints shine under ultra violet light. UV face paint is used to paint the face, as these colors are fluorescent in nature under ultra violet rays. They are very high quality colors which are truly fluorescent in nature. They emit maximum energy that is red color will remain red under UV light.

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How to select the best UV color?

  • All the companies which manufacture UV paints claim to have the best paint available in the industry. It is very difficult for an art enthusiast to select the really best paint. In order to select the best paint you have to go through the ingredients mentioned on the label of the jar. An overview of the ingredients will tell you whether the paint is really fluorescent under UV light and safe for your skin or not.
  • If the paints ingredients list contains calcium carbonate then the paint should be discarded from use. As the manufacturer uses the calcium carbonate as filler to reduce the cost of the paint. Any paint which uses filler is sure to get cracked when dried up and they do not possess the fluorescent quality under the UV light.
  • Paint to be used on the face should be nontoxic in nature and it should not contain urea or diazolidinyl urea which is used as preservative to preserve the paint. These paints also do not contain the quality to shine in the darkness and under UV light.

These colors can be used in making scary faces to frighten the people in the party conducted in night.

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