Delineators guide motorists and pedestrians around construction areas or busy manufacturing plants. Using such a guide is the safest and most efficient way to redirect moving traffic away from high-risk areas that may attract fatal accidents and injuries. Several companies offer quality and solid traffic guides in different size and shape to suit your environment and all the potential situations your employees may encounter in the course of their duties.

You can use a variety such as delineator posts, reflective striped delineators, and reflective delineators. Most of these products come with the compulsory NCHRP-350 and MUTCD compliance requirements. To adequately secure your sensitive work areas, it is also advisable to have reflectors attached to help guide drivers towards safety areas during the night in dark working environments.

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When and Where to Use Delineators

The traffic gadgets relay nonverbal messages concerning security issues; they subtly convey messages such as “please go this way” so as not to obstruct traffic but to direct it. Like many bollards, they are quite reflective and easily noticeable at night.

They alert motorists to change lanes due to the existence of barricades or guardrails blocking the main roads. They also warn drivers when approaching dead-end and curvy roads or steep roads ahead. Most are installed above the rail for easier visibility for passing motorists.

Flexible delineators rise vertically from the surface of the road. This unique feature allows them a higher level of visibility against ordinary channelizers, placed on level ground areas. They are especially useful in sideswipe areas where accidents may occur, for instance when traffic emerges from one road onto the next. They prevent trucks from moving fast as they join a stream of traffic. The flexibility prevents breakage if they are struck off the road.

High impact exterior delineators offer the best solution for high traffic locations. Colored polycarbonate extrusions and flexible pivots remain stable for as long as eight years of busy traffic road usage. They outlast the plain ones by a huge margin. They are simple to assemble and easily installed. You can mount them on any hard surface using butyl rubber, lag bolts, nails, and epoxy.

Product Features

  • Impact-resistant up to 80 mph
  • Powerful delineators that can handle 100 vehicles at 55 mph
  • High density
  • All-weather polymer hinges
  • Installed on asphalt, concrete, wood or other hard surfaces
  • Available in various luminous traffic colors

High-Performance delineatorshave strong resistance features, and they can bounce back after numerous accidents. You can choose a simple drive-able base for frequent removal, or a permanent base for hard surfaces. Both options are compliant with MUTCD compliant. Each comes with reflective panels on both sides, to guarantee visibility in all conditions.

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