When one knows how important iron is in our body, then the first thing that comes to mind is which food help in iron intake are. Iron is the mineral that helps in carrying oxygen to the body, to help muscle properly and increasing resistance towards various diseases. There are supplements that are available in the market and people taking them to recover the iron deficiency. Canada drugs online store that is there for you for such kinds of medicines that help in keeping body healthy and fit.

People who are more at risk are women, when they are pregnant, long-distance runners and strict vegetarians who frequently donate blood. Different amount of iron is needed by different people like 13 mg is required for the adolescent men and 16 mg is needed for the adolescent’s women. In pregnancy, women need 30 mg on the daily basis.

When the iron intake in the body crosses the limit then it converts into toxins and the symptoms of toxicity I nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. A simple blood test reveals the deficiency of iron in your body. There are two types of iron present, heme iron, and non-heme iron. Heme iron one can have from the meat, poultry, and fish as they can be easily absorbed by the body maintaining the right level of iron in the body.

Non-heme iron is found in fresh vegetables and fruits. Eggs, dairy products, dried beans, peas, pasta products, nuts, and vegetables are the rich source of iron. It has been found that nowadays people are not suffering from a deficiency of iron as there is another factor at work.

Many vegan diets are rich in vitamin C and vitamin c helps in increasing the ability for non-heme iron to absorb. Sprouts, green vegetable, Brussels, broccoli are some of the food that is rich in vitamin c and helps in iron absorption.  Adding these foods to the diet makes your body having abundant iron. When you are trying to increase the level of iron in the body then avoid coffee or herbal teas as they contain tannic acids which inhibit the iron absorption.

Iron-rich food for the non-vegetarians:

  • Beef, pork, lamb and organ meat like liver
  • Darker meat from the legs, poultry
  • Sardines and mackerel-like oily fishes and mollusks and oysters

Iron-rich food for the vegetarians:

  • Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Vitamin c rich foods
  • Fortified food like cereals, fortified rice
  • Nuts, apricots and other dry fruits as the snacks

Having iron-rich food is the important thing that one should never ignore but iron absorption has the huge impact on your body’s iron level. Consumption of vitamin c rich foods helps in maintaining the level and absorption of iron in the body and if you want to be good in minerals then avoids taking coffee and tea. Minerals and vitamins are very crucial things needed by the human body.

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