These days, there are many reasons due to which people are losing their data which they have stored in their laptop. If you want to save your data from lost or from third party, then it is necessary to create backup. While creating data backup, user must have to use all security measures so that data will not be accessed by other person. Data backup is the result of copying or archiving files from one place to other place so that user can access that data in future.

There are number of things that every user should keep in mind while creating data backup. Some of those are given below:

  • Which data has to be backed up like which files or folders?
  • Which compression has to use for backup all files and folders
  • How often you will use the backed up data
  • Which type of backup you want to run?
  • At which place you want to store backup data to secure from third party
  • What kind if media you will use to store backup files

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There are many reasons that cause for data lost or data corruption. In many of cases, it has been seen that data is place in the laptop but not in actual format and user is not able to open the desired file whenever he wants. If he has backup, then run the backup data and open desired file without having problem. But, users must also be aware about the data lost reasons so that there will be no or less chances of data lost. Many data lost reasons are discussed below and every laptop user must have to know about those reasons:

  • Get the software from unwanted place
  • Problem in working of operating system
  • Virus attack
  • Non blocking of firewall
  • Problem in working of hard disk
  • Human error
  • Suddenly formation of secondary storage device and lost data
  • Partition loss
  • Raw partition

So, download backup software from the internet in your laptop and create backup on time. IT companies provide backup software in free version and paid version. If you cannot afford to have paid version of the backup software, then download the free version of the backup software. We have listed some famous data backup software which is freely available.

  • Personal backup software

As its name suggest, you can change the option as per your requirements. There are option for storing data on different location such as local storage, network attached storage or FTP server. These options are also work on off site location. After location, there is one more option which is compression and you have to create backup in compressed file or not.

  • Comodo backup software

This backup software is based on local server or on network server. If you download the free version of Comodo backup software, you will get 10 GB storage space on network server which is completely free and will be valid for 90 days. This backup software will have option for all types of backup which are full backup, incremental backup and differential backup.

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