If you are a maritime employee based in Los Angeles, you have some benefits. First of all, you have various job opportunities to choose from here. But most importantly, there is quite a number of maritime attorneys to choose from, if the need arises. Thus, you do not want to choose just any attorney when you can get the best. So, let the following pointers help you select a good and qualified Los Angeles maritime attorney when the need arises.


For any work, the experience is key to doing a great job. The same applies to maritime attorneys. You need the person handling your case to be professional and experienced. Also, he or she needs to have specialized in maritime law. The good news is that you will not have trouble finding one in Los Angeles since they are quite many.

So, you can afford to be picky given there are many attorneys at your disposal. Make it your priority to find one who has handled a similar case before. Find one who has helped another person get reimbursed for any damages as a result of being injured on a vessel.


Most lawyers keep a list of clients they have helped before. Therefore, ask if the attorney can provide you with a list of past clients so you can call them and hear their experiences. Let the references explain to you the situation they were in if they don’t mind and how the attorney helped them through it. With that, you will be able to tell who you are dealing with.

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Character and Chemistry

In most times than not, maritime cases take long before they get resolved and so, you will have to spend time with the lawyer. You do not want to spend time with someone who is boring you or someone who can’t keep a conversation for more than a few minutes. So, even if this is not a factor to show his or her experience, you should put it into consideration to make your time worthwhile.

Also, find one who makes you feel like you are the only client otherwise; he or she will be leaving your case to handle other cases without caring about your feelings.

Contingency fee agreement

Depending on the case, you will find a Los Angeles maritime attorney who works on a contingency fee basis. That means he or she will only be paid if the case is successful and that a monetary reimbursement is made through a settlement. In most cases, lawyers get a percentage of the financial settlement value. However, make sure that you agree whether the fee is calculated after the expenses or before the costs are deducted.

If you put the above factors into consideration, you can be sure to find a great Los Angeles Maritime attorney.

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