Evidently, when companies based in Seattle, Washington, consider electric car harging points installation, majority are seen going for the relatively slower level 2 chargers, which gives many cars approximately twenty miles worth of charge every one hour. With the growing number of electric vehicles which come with increased battery or range capacities, however, it is highly likely that car owners will be in need of quicker EV charging alternatives as well. Some drivers in Seattle, Washington still wonder exactly what it takes to successfully undertake a direct current electric car charging point installation in Seattle. I had a telephone conversation with the director of building operations in one of the Seattle-based LEED Platinum certified office space leasing companies to get more information regarding the same. The company made a decision in the recent past to install a ChargePoint Express 200 50kw charge point in one of its three parking lots. The general public is allowed to use this charging point.

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According to the director, though, the company initially planned to install the level 2 station that is considerably slower according to experts. He insisted that as an innovation leader in the sustainability sector, the company had the intention of capitalizing on growth of EV usage in addition to providing a resource not only for visitors but also tenants and even the whole community in which it operates. Since there were high chances of majority of users being tenants who spend the largest portion of their days within the area, the company originally intended to oversee and support the installation of the slower level 2 charge points which those who work for the tenants may use to fill up as their undertake their duties. However, upon application for a Charge Ahead Seattle, Washington division which is under the management of the Regional Air Quality Council and is financed by Seattle, Washington Department of Transportation to subsidize the payment for the same, the company was not able to obtain funding for level 2 charging point. It was nonetheless advised and highly encouraged to embark on the installation of level 3 charge point. Upon its completion, the unit became the very first direct current charge point in the whole state. The situation is different now because two other level 3 fast charging stations have also been installed alongside two level 2 charge points approximately just two miles away. The installation of more charge points in the area is definitely a valuable piece of infrastructural development.

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