There are many health benefits that come with pet ownership, and that especially applies to owning a dog. However, if you intend to have a dog you need to be aware of all the responsibilities that come along with that. You should contact Wahroonga vet like Gordon Vet Hospital if your furry friend has any health problems.

Owning a dog

Yes, dogs tend to chew everything when they are small, they shed a lot, and somehow always like to bark at three in the morning. However, having a dog at home will actually reduce the risk of having a heart attack as well as other fatal conditions, according to many studies.

Dogs are social animals, so make sure to give them what they need

The research

Researchers in a recent study have shown that dog ownership has a huge effect on the owners who live alone, as it cuts the risk by 36% of them dying of cardiovascular disease. The people who already live in a bigger family, the studies have shown that the number of the chances decreased to 15%.

These findings have been conducted on over 3 million people in Sweden, who had their medical and pet ownership records analyzed by the researchers, who then investigated and came to such conclusion. People who took the part in this research were aged from forty to eighty years old, and they were in the study for about twelve years before the research published their results.

However, while there are much statistical data that can show you that dogs indeed help us lead a healthier life, there is no real explanation for how this actually happens. Dogs have a health-boosting impact on humans, and they motivate us to lead a healthier lifestyle. If your dog has any health issues, call Turramurra vet like Gordon Vet Hospital for help.

In this research, the effects of different breeds were analyzed to see how they affect their owners, and the breeds that were bred for hunting, like the scent hounds, terriers or retrievers had the lowest possible risk of a cardiovascular disease.

The right pet

While dogs make wonderful pets in many environments, you should not get a dog if you do not lead an active life. Even cats are great companions, that help their owners with stress and give great moral support, so if you have a lazy lifestyle, where you are not required to leave your house nor do you want to, maybe cats are a better choice.

If a dog is not the right pet for you, there are many other pets that will suit your lifestyle better

The responsibilities

But, no matter which pet you get, you need to be able to take proper care of them, because having a pet is like having another addition to the family. Do not treat them differently just because they are animals, they also need love, affection, warmth and regular doctor visits.

While purchasing a certain breed of dog you like is fine, maybe you should consider adopting first. There are many dogs in the shelters due to irresponsible owners, and giving them a warm home means that they will be grateful to you until they die. These pets tend to be much more tied to their owners than the ones you would purchase, but no matter what, both deserve unconditional love.

Final word

This is why you might want to consult with a vet before getting a pet, as they will be able to tell you just what your furry friend will need. If you do not want to or have the time to do all the required things that will make your pet healthier and happier, then being a pet owner is definitely not for you.

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