When we think about food, we almost always consider solid food consisting of grains, meats, vegetables etc. But now there is a new kind of food that might change the general perception about food. I am talking about meal replacement smoothies rich in nutrient. Though many people consider it nothing but a passing fad; the truth is that this is a fad that is here to stay. Here are some of the distinguishing features of a smoothie in  comparison to a typical meal:

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  1. Since smoothies are in a liquid form, they save the person taking them the energy to swallow and process the smoothie in the body as compared to a normal In fact, when you take a full meal, at times, you may feel drowsy due to the food processing, but for the smoothie, it just flows like water.
  2. Smoothies have natural nutrients such as vitamins and natural proteins as compared to solid food, which when cooked, lose a lot of its nutritional value. Thus you end up taking food with less nutrition and more bulk. i.e. you go for quantity instead of quality. The nutrients in the meal replacement smoothies are fresh, and they are not exhausted.
  3. Smoothies have fewer calories as compared to regular This is an advantageous factor for those struggling with losing weight. Too many calories in the body are not good, more so if you are not working out. So in case you want to reduce your body weight then meal replacement smoothies are good option to consider.
  4. Meal replacement smoothies are 100% natural and fresh from plants (fruits and vegetables). This then means that there are no added chemicals in them. Plants have natural oils which are of great significance to the body more so the skin. In fact, smoothies are at times used in skin detoxification.
  5. It is easy to come up with a smoothie. All you need to do is to blend some fruits and vegetables, and all is done. When preparing food, you need time, space, a source of heat and so much more. This makes it expensive to cook your food as compared to preparing meal replacement smoothies.

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