Doors are among the most overlooked features in your house. However, with a wide range of modern designs, the door has become a main feature in the home that you can’t afford to ignore. Adding barn doors fitted with flat track barn door hardware to your home can change the overall look of your home and feel of your rooms. Many homeowners have taken advantage of the broad range of benefits that these doors offer plus their popularity. Here are some of top benefits of installing barn doors in a home.


Easy Installation

You don’t have to be an expert to install a barn door. Unlike the installation of other doors that require extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the construction dynamics, barn doors are easy to install and operate. When installing this type of a door, all you need is the door itself, the track, and a small piece of trim. So, don’t think that switching from your traditional door to the barn door is a complicated process.

Saves a Lot of Space

This is one of the greatest advantages of installing barn doors in homes and offices. Typically, doors require a wide berth to swing while opening making it necessary to leave some empty space around it. However, this isn’t the case with barn doors. As long as there is sufficient wall space that can allow the door to slide while opening, you are good to go. The flat track barn door hardware makes the door flexible saving you a lot of space. The extra space around the door can now be used for other purposes such as storage cabinets and work spaces. This is a critical consideration especially when you are renting office space that you pay per square foot.


Utilizing the wall space efficiently in your home means that there is more room and space for your personal style. Installing barn doors creates plenty of space for tables, home décor, and furniture. These doors also make it convenient to move furnishings in or out with minimum obstructions. Apart from homes, a barn door will also look great in areas such as media rooms, dens, and offices.

They are Lightweight

The unique design of these doors makes it easy for anyone to open then and they also adhere to all American with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications. This means that the doors can also be installed in medical facilities and hospitals to help weak patients and children who can’t handle the weight of a standard door. The heavier doors are prone to a lot of sticking which makes it difficult to open or close them without using a lot of force compared to a sliding door.

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