We all like to keep ourselves abreast of the develoments that follows in today’s world. To be updated with the news and the current affairs, there are plenty of news channels and newsapers burt to stay up to date with other fields you often seek an alternative. To meet such needs of those who always demand and deserve something extra, there are various lifestyle magazines, but you can’t go after any random magazine as you deserve only the best and to provide you with the best, “Artful Living” magazine is always there.

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Artful Living called the Magazine of the North is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The magazine is dedicated to providing the readers with the updates and insights into the fields concerning art, culture, travel, fashion, wine, food, home, and profiles meant to inspire and entertain its readers. The magazine has been serving the people since 2008 and over the years, it has earned many readers. Artful Living is one of the most trusted brands and is the most prefrred and read consumer magazine among the readers in the North. It is published quartelry and features, alongwith an elegant design, engaging original content to meet the needs of its affluent audience having impeccable taste.

Our brilliant group of editors, writers and designers work hard to provide you with original and compelling content. Readers can read the previous issues of the magaine by visiting the Artful Living website, you will not be charged to read these issues. To subscribe to the magazine, you can visit our website anytime. Readers living outside the USA can also subscribe to the magazine. For those looking to take their businesses to new heights, you have the luxury of advertising with us. For that purpose, you need to go to our website and follow the link “advertise with us”.

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