If you use air guns to shoot there is no doubt that you are probably constantly on the lookout for tricks and tips to enable you to improve your game. Even if you have been shooting and hunting for many years it is likely that you are always searching for tips to allow you to improve and enhance your shooting skills, and today we are hopefully going to be able to help you.

Tips and Tricks

Collars and rings:

  • If your airguns scope is parallax-adjustable you should check its collar to see if it is set to the distance that you are looking to shoot over – if it is not you need to correct this right away to avoid parallax-error.
  • If your scope boasts a zoom magnification facility you need to take time to discover which focal plane the cross hair is in. Most are located in the second plane; however this is not always the case.

A good rest:

  • It is vital that when looking to shoot accurately that you use a good rest. Before taking any shots wriggle your gun around in the rest to ensure that it is 100{92cb7a1db6971ea98d82b6f9ad7b1b839d9be98a9980b547e8d7b255bb84f596} secure and that it is not going to move when you go to take a shot.
  • Get used to using your rest before heading out to the field, practicing resting your gun and checking that it stays in the same place. You will also have to consider wind at this stage.


  • For this, you are going to need a small spirit level, masonry rope and a brick.
  • Place your airgun on a rest and using the spirit level ensure that you gun is 100{92cb7a1db6971ea98d82b6f9ad7b1b839d9be98a9980b547e8d7b255bb84f596} level.
  • About ten yards from your gun you should then hang the rope with the brick tired to the bottom.
  • Line up your airgun with the rope and check if the spirit level is still. If these two things are not in line, there is something wrong and you should start your set-up again.
  • Only when you are certain everything is in line you should tighten the ,mounts bit by bit, ensuring that the vertical crosshair remains vertical.

Trigger finger positioning:

  • All shooters should ensure that the placement of their finger on the trigger is correct. The finger should be placed in such a position that the shooter draws straight back.
  • Shooters much maintain the same position throughout their shooting as if they move they are likely to miss their shot.

These are only some shooting tips too when it comes to airguns, if you have any more that you think other people could benefit from, don’t hesitate to share them below. We are certain that all shooters reading this will be truly grateful.

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