The bigger your dreams, the tougher your challenges will be and the more difficulties you will face on your path or way to success. You will have to overcome numerous obstacles and sufferings before you can actually achieve your desired goal in life. Your attitude towards how you face hardships, says a lot about where you’re going to be in your life (and a tiny bit depends upon luck and chance).

Here are few incredible people who turned their failures and hardships in life into extraordinary success against all odds. As you’ll read about them, you’ll realize that success is possible for anyone despite challenges, circumstances, or age. 

  • K. Rowling

The Success story of J K Rowling itself isn’t less than any fairy tale. Behind this enormous success, she went through the hell lot of pain and misery. Rowling used to consider herself the greatest failure she knew.

At the age of 25, she was completely shattered by the death of her mother in the year 1991.

This tragedy happened six months after she began writing her famous novel ‘Harry Potter’. What’s sad is that her mother never knew she was writing it.

Things got worse for her when she moved to Portugal after her mother’s death. There she started teaching English then later married a journalist. She had a child from that marriage but sadly the marriage didn’t last long and soon she was left with her child all alone. The situations became more miserable for her. She was a single parent of a newborn baby living in a small apartment, broke and she had no permanent work. She went through depression and have even admitted that she considered committing suicide. But she didn’t give up on her dreams. She had no idea where her life was going, she was ashamed and distressful. She rented her apartment to make some money for her daughter.

Regardless of all, she kept faith in herself and her book. And after the sheer patience and hard work of 5 years, she finished her first book. Her book hit the shelves and faced instant hit. The book won the British Book Award for Children’s Book of the year. In 2011, Forbes estimated her total worth about $1 billion and that made her the wealthiest author of the world.

  • Marc Zupan

 The hardcore superstar wheelchair athlete Marc Zupan was paralyzed in 1993 in an accident where he was thrown out a car and then hung on a tree branch for almost 13-14 hours whilst he called for help, is one of those athletes who are looked up by other people. Mark has completely dominated the world of quad rugby since first getting into the sport. He has become a two-time national champion and in 2004, he was named the rugby player of the year. He also went on to become a member of the 2008 Paralympics Wheelchair Rugby team and was Captain, helping lead the team to win the gold medal at the 2008 games.When asked if he would “turn back the clock on that day”, Zupan answered “No, I don’t think so. My injury has led me to opportunities and experiences and friendships I would never have had before. And it has taught me about myself. In some ways, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.”


He is a very famous baseball player. But R.A. Dickey is more than a baseball player. He is a survivor. In his book, Dickey tells two separate incidents of sexual assault suffered during the summer when he was only 8 years old — the first by a 13 year old female babysitter, and the second by a 17 year old male.

After a successful college career, Dickey suffered so many arm injuries he couldn’t even turn a doorknob without pain. Despite all those injuries, he fought through it, practiced knuckle ball and managed his way back into some very major leagues. Soon he won Nation League Young award at the age of 37.

  • Tariku Bogale

Like every success story comes from the humblest of beginnings, Tariku’s story isn’t any less. Tariku is a successful businessman, writer, philanthropist, actor and what not. In his earliest of days, he was raised in poverty. He had to strive a lot a lot to be where he is at today. Since the age of 9 he was intrigued to write a book. From age 8 on wards he was on his own. He had to fund himself for education and to afford basic necessities of life. He started teaching part time in school. He spent most of his childhood on streets and came a lot of different people. According to him, the skills he learnt to trust himself and work hard led to his independence, and that independence lead to confidence that he could accomplish anything.

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