Isn’t it beautiful that a photographer can capture a memory on photo paper, and it will stay frozen… Captured in that moment in time, and remain unchanged? Though time and life will continue on, while that tree that once was regal and majestic, with towering gnarling branches reaching toward the clouds; As if trying to grab a bird right out of the sky. Thick with moss-green leaves trembling in the afternoon breeze. In a moment it is gone, leaving nothing but a dry stump, dead roots reaching pointlessly into the earth. That is the beauty of a photograph. The capturing of that life that once was and remembering the beauty it offered this world even though it is now but a memory. 

Many Photographers look for locations just as this. A magnificent tree surrounded by wildflowers, a serene tree-lined lake with mountains gracing the horizon. There are locations that are needed for every type of photography. Whether scouting locations to take pictures of models, cars, food or anything else, there are locations for rent to accommodate every photo shoot. A controlled environment is usually the desired venue, so that the photographer can add the lighting, not be concerned with wind or wildlife ‘photobombing’ needed as well as keeping the shoot secure and private. 

An Industrial studio makes a very versatile location, where either natural light, or artificial can be accommodated. The buildings are generally very large and open, with unique architecture and design. They can be staged to appear rustic, or bright and sunny similar to a New York studio. At there are several examples of industrial spaces for rent that range in pricing, charged by the hour. 

Another possibility is a general photo studio, where the equipment is included. There would be no need for carrying heavy photography equipment or cameras, lighting, etc. Just bring your subject and any specific props you may need and start shooting amazing photographs. 

Historic buildings make beautiful settings for all types of photography. The antique architecture, the art in the building, the aged flooring. These things all contribute to a great picture. You can bring the historic past back to life again in your creative imagination. Some of the historic properties date back to the early 1900’s, yet they are maintained and kept in pristine condition. 

Going a different way, having a venue that boasts bold and bright color, perhaps like a bag of candy-coated chocolate pieces, can bring a unique and ‘loud’ statement to your photography. Pinks, purples, blues, reds, and yellows make an intriguing backdrop in many shoots. 

A lovely Victorian-era style venue can also be a charming location for wedding photos, whether the client is looking for a historic style photograph or just finds the venue appealing to have in the background. With a setting such as this, there are many props that can be added to dramatize the appearance of the finished photo. Here is a site that offers some technique and history on wedding photography. 

By clicking this link, you will find general information about photo shoot location rentals. Making the best out of your artform will add to your success and build your brand. Make your photographs stand out above the rest by choosing the best possible location for your shoot.

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