One of the things that makes successful brands to stand out is their unique logo design. Even if two companies are offering a similar product, it can be used to distinguish them. Truth be told, how your logo is perceived influences whether a potential client will do business with you or not. A powerful logo is a must have regardless of the industry or business. In fact, it can be part of your unique selling proposition. Here are the important elements that will make your logo outstanding online and offline.

1.     Originality

Although you can learn a thing or two about logo design from your competitors, avoid duplicating their styles.It’s advisable to stay away from designing logos with a free online generator. Designing a professional logo is a worthy investment. Your target audience may not take you seriously if it’s anything short of high quality.

2.     Appropriate

Every element of the logo should be appropriate for the business and industry. While designing it, have your target audience in mind. Endeavor to use a font that can convey your brand’s message succinctly. Each color elicits different responses from the viewers. Therefore, understand the psychology of the colors that you intend to use. Another thing to consider is the shape of the logo. For example, square and circle shapes depict security and safety respectively.

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3.     Relevance

The trends in design are always dynamic. If you keep following the latest trends, you can end up changing your logo every year. This is not ideal for creating a long-lasting impression to your target audience. A logo that can stand the test of time works best. Sooner or later, the need to redesign may arise, but itwould have already served its purpose. Such logo may only require slight modifications when it’s time to unveil a new product or service.

4.     Simplicity

It has been proven over time that logos with minimal elements are really effective.Taking a different approach will only confuse your customers.Assessing the core values of the brand can help to simplify the process. Choose a font that is readable, but not too popular. A maximum of two font styles is okay in order to achieve the best results. Ensure that you use all the elements consistently.

5.     Versatility

Excellent logos are versatile. This means that they can retain their quality when very large or very tiny. A logo will be used in various formats and on different platforms, backgrounds and devices. Most brands use it as profile images for their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. It’s quite common to see logos on Custom printed plastic cups, baseball caps, Banner Pens and t-shirts that are used as promotional materials.

6.     Memorable

The best logos are very easy to remember. A viewer should be able to sum up its prominent details in few words. Know your target audience and recognize their needs and preferences. This will help you to convey a brand message that isappealing to them.

Deciding on the right elements and incorporating them into your logo will take time, but it’s worth the effort.

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