Maybe you’ve noticed the trend. You get a lot less “spam” mail in your mailbox these days. It seems as though it has all shifted to email. This is as true in Phoenix as anywhere else on the globe. Mostly, it’s because a large number of new and small businesses are making the same mistake: they assume direct mail marketing is dead. The truth is that postal mail is enjoying a revival. While digital marketing is absolutely essential to success, direct mail services Phoenix are an indispensable tool that only becomes more useful as the world becomes more digital. How is this possible? It often boils down to making a better impression.

Better Response

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The advantages of direct mail are intuitively obvious. How many emails do you delete without reading? How much mail do you trash without at least checking the sender? That comparison alone should show you why direct mail campaigns get better response rates. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), that difference comes to about 10 percent. But, that 10 percent is based on digital marketing that was actually received. When you factor mail filters, add blockers and all of the other digital tools that help consumers avoid marketing outreach, the number quickly tilts farther in favor of direct mail.

Building Customer Base

If the response rate is higher, it stands to follow that direct mail would be better for generating new customers. Factor in the fact that the DMA reports consumers are twice as likely to immediately respond to direct mail as opposed to email, you can see these merits. These advantages become more important when you play into the niche. Businesses that rely on local customers gain more from direct mail. They can’t overcome the poor response rates by appealing to larger populations. Similarly, marketing campaigns that are focused on events or limited time opportunities will have more success with the fast response rates of direct mail. If you need new customers, and fast, then direct mail is the ideal marketing strategy.

Direct mail can be the central part of your marketing that helps you grow right away. The revenue it generates can help you expand your business goals, and digital marketing will be invaluable in that time. It is also one of the core ways for you to interact with existing and returning customers to ensure your business practices are going in the right direction. But, grabbing the attention of new consumers starts with the tangible power of direct mail.


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